How to use Liqua Tan

Liqua Tan is a complete and permanent tan that is fast drying and compatible with paste. It has excellent stretch and sets hair immediately. There is no oily mess and is easy to use and reduces shrinkage to almost zero. Liqua Tan can be applied and mounted on the same day. A terrific tanning product that is used by many leading taxidermists.

Liqua Tan is a Research Mannikins BEST BUY product. An excellent value for both quart and gallon-size Liqua Tan. Following are simple directions and tips on how to use Liqua Tan.

Liqua Tan Instructions

  1. Skin, turn lips, eyes, ears, and then flesh the cape of all red tissue and fat.
  2. Salt the skin thoroughly and allow it to sit in the salt overnight.
  3. Shake off all of the salt from the skin.
  4. Then, prepare a pickle bath and soak the skin overnight in the pickle bath.
  5. Pull the skin out of the pickle bath and flesh the skin well.
  6. Neutralize the skin by using baking soda.
  7. Warm the Liqua-Tan product and apply it to the skin, making sure that you cover all areas thoroughly.
  8. Fold the skin and allow at least 6-12 hours for absorption.
  9. After absorption, tumble or wash the skin to remove any of the Liqua-Tan that might be left on the skin.
  10. Finally, prep the skin and prepare to mount the specimen as normal.