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Setting Whitetail Antlers

Setting Whitetail Antlers can be Simple… By Mike Frazier Setting antlers for a whitetail deer mount can be simple when we are provided with a full skull plate. Trim the skull plate so that the frontal portion of the bone rests about 1/8 of an inch below the front edge of the mannikin. This 1/8″ […]

How to use Liqua Tan

Liqua Tan is a complete and permanent tan that is fast drying and compatible with paste. It has excellent stretch and sets hair immediately. There is no oily mess and is easy to use and reduces shrinkage to almost zero. Liqua Tan can be applied and mounted on the same day. A terrific tanning product […]

Jaw Juice is Not Just for Jaws!

Jaw Juice was developed by Mohr Specialties a few years back and seriously does just what the name says. It is the ultimate adhesive when attaching rubber artificial tongues down inside an open jaw on a mount–it will never come out! But is Jaw Juice just for tongues? Not really! Jaw Juice is an adhesive […]

Bird Taxidermy Tips

Tip 1: Repairing When attempting to repair a tear on the neck of a bird skin, it is particularly helpful to insert a dowel like object that is the same size as the original neck into the skin. This will help keep the skin in its proper place and ensure that the neck form will […]

Attaching Reproduction Fish Heads

By Rick Leach When attaching a reproduction largemouth bass head to a reproduction largemouth bass body, you have the problem that there is not a smooth transition between the two molded pieces. The solution is to create a smooth transition and scale detail with Magic Sculpt®. After attaching the head with bondo, sand and smooth […]

Artificial Bird Heads

By Stefan Savides If there is one problem area in bird taxidermy that destroys the integrity of a piece when poorly done, it is the head and neck. The overall attitude of a bird is largely expressed by the head’s relationship to the body. The shape of the head is one of the first places […]